Candidate for the Bourse du Talent


Welcome to the page dedicated to registering for the Bourse du Talent Award!

We invite you to complete the application form. Please be sure to provide all the necessary information accurately, so that we can carefully examine your work.

 Apply to the Bourse du Talent 

The deadline for entries is June 26, 2023. There's little time left to share your unique vision and compelling visual stories with the Talent Grant jury. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your talent and become part of a community of talented artists.

There's so much at stake in the Bourse du Talent: an exhibition of your photographs at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, opportunities for collaboration, and the support and advice of renowned experts. It's an exceptional chance to propel your artistic career and make a name for yourself in the field of photography.

< Photo by Gabriel Dia, winner of the Bourse du Talent Portrait 2021