The Bourse du Talent, founded in 1998, supports emerging photographers yearly. In 2023, it focuses on new documentary strategies, adapting to evolving approaches and expectations. It serves as a platform for innovative expressions, propelling photographers into the market. Winners' works are exhibited at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, enriching its collections. The Bourse du Talent welcomes photographers globally, encouraging environmentally responsible and socially engaged approaches.

Since 1998, the Bourse du Talent has been rewarding young creators in various fields of photography. Organized by, BnF and Picto Foundation, the event has become a major event dedicated to recognizing and supporting emerging artists.

In 2023, after 25 editions that have revealed and encouraged numerous photographers who are now recognized, the Bourse du Talent is evolving to better respond to the proposals and expectations of contemporary photographers.

Today, the Bourse du Talent focuses on the new documentary styles used by young photographers to tell the story of our world, while taking into account the evolving forms and constraints of image mediation. At a time when press photography is tending to be projected onto the screen rather than printed on paper, and when emerging photographers are largely coinciding their projects in a plurality of mediums and writings, the Bourse du Talent continues to be a mouthpiece for all these new documentary expressions.

The Bourse du Talent also continues to play its role as a springboard for the professionalization of photographers, always keen to encourage their progress at the heart of the photography market.

Each year, two or three Bourses du Talent are awarded to two photographers whose projects revolve around new documentary strategies, be it an approach flirting with the visual artist, science, literature or any other transversality placed at the service of narrative, or the use of new technologies to accompany narrative expression.

The Bourse du Talent is open to photographers of all nationalities, open to all subjects and expressions, and encourages eco-responsible and committed approaches.

The Bibliothèque nationale de France will be exhibiting the winning photographs from the Bourse du Talent alongside other prestigious prizes.

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