Picto foundation


Picto has established a strong relationship with the Bourse du Talent from the outset, positioning itself as a key partner in this prestigious initiative dedicated to emerging photographers. With its technical and artistic expertise, Picto is committed to supporting and accompanying promising talents in their professional development

Over the years, this fruitful collaboration has expanded with the creation of the Picto Foundation. As a non-profit entity, the Picto Foundation's mission is to promote and support contemporary photography by fostering the emergence of new talent and encouraging artistic innovation. The foundation provides valuable financial and logistical support to ambitious photographic projects, offering unique opportunities to emerging artists.

Thanks to the relationship established between the Talent Grant, Picto Laboratory and the Picto Foundation, the winning photographers of the Talent Grant receive comprehensive and holistic support. Picto offers its technical expertise and know-how in photo processing and production to enhance the work of the winners. The Picto Foundation, meanwhile, provides additional financial, logistical and promotional support, creating a complete ecosystem to foster the development and recognition of emerging talent.

This strengthened collaboration between the Bourse du Talent, the Picto Lab and the Picto Foundation demonstrates a shared commitment to emerging photographers and contemporary photography. Together they offer a comprehensive platform to support, promote and enhance new talent, helping them break into the photography industry.

This tripartite relationship between the Bourse du Talent, Picto Labs and the Picto Foundation continues to create valuable opportunities for emerging photographers, providing them with increased visibility, technical and financial support, and a springboard for their artistic careers. It illustrates the importance of collaboration and partnership to foster the development and recognition of tomorrow's photographic talent.