As the organizer of the Bourse du Talent, plays an essential role in the promotion and implementation of this photographic competition. With its influential position in the photography industry, offers unprecedented visibility to emerging talent, allowing photographers to gain exposure and expose their work to a wider audience. is an online journal dedicated to the world of photography. Since its creation in 1996, it has become an essential reference for amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals of photography.
This online journal offers a variety of rich and diversified contents. Informative and inspiring articles cover a wide range of topics related to photography, such as techniques, trends, equipment, emerging artists, exhibitions and unmissable photographic events. also provides a platform for emerging photographers to showcase their work and gain increased visibility. 

Artists can submit their portfolios to be considered for selections and special projects, providing a valuable opportunity to connect with a wider audience and receive professional recognition.
In addition to this, the online journal offers reviews and analysis of photographic works, providing a critical and informed look at outstanding work. 

These reviews are invaluable for aspiring photographers, as they offer constructive insights and advice on improving their artistic skills and technical approach. is also distinguished by its commitment to promoting environmentally and socially responsible photography.

 The journal highlights photographic projects that address critical issues such as climate change, cultural diversity and human rights. Raising awareness through photographic art helps to broaden horizons and inspire deeper reflection on societal issues.