Bourse du Talent - Rules 2021

Participation in the Bourse du Talent implies the acceptance of these Rules by the participants. Failure to comply with them could result in the cancellation of the application, which is why we ask you to read them carefully before giving your consent. You will find various information about the selection criteria, the composition of the juries, and the contributions of the Bourse du Talent.

Bourse du talent - Rules

Very important // Due to the health crisis of the COVID-19 outbreak, changes may be made to the Bourse du Talent rules (Section 10 - Responsibilities).

Section 1 – Organization and Terms has been organising the Bourse du Talent since 1998 with the support of its partners –PICTO Foundation,  la BnF (Bibliothèque nationale de France, la SAIF (Société des auteurs d’images fixes), Lumières Ilford, Pixtrakk,  le Musée Réattu Arles et le soutien de la Fondation Louis Roederer, Expo Z, FishEye, Commun’s, le Club des Mécènes et Paris Virtuels-. 

Section 2 – Conditions of Participation
Only photographers who have not been published much or have not shown their work  many times yet can apply. There is no age limit. Photographers' teams can also participate.

A photographer can propose to la Bourse du talent several portfolios on different photographic topics.

The applicants must own the rights related to the images and have the permission of the identifiable persons in the photo. The photographers guarantee to the organisers that they are owners of the proposed photographs.

Section 3 – Participation Record
Once you have registered on the website La Bourse du talent (either by creating an account or directly if you already have your identifiers), you will be able to access the participation form. Files can be completed up to the deadline specified on the website.

As stipulated in Article 2, a photographer can participate in several sessions (Documentary, Portrait, Fashion & Transversality or Landscape, Spaces & Architecture) by presenting for each topic a different portfolio.

This file consists of the following:

  • a photographic work composed of a coherent series of images, approximately 10 to 30 images* (adjusting the number of images to the subject), or a Small Multimedia Work (MEP) (3 to 10 minutes maximum) along with a selection of the most representative photographs in the series,
  • a presentation note on the selected topic (ideally 2,000 signs),
  • a biography (ideally 800 signs),
  • a recent resume with your contact information, the exhibitions you participated to and publications about your work,
  • your photographic portrait (JPG file): studio portrait or self-portrait, specifying the photo credit if applicable,
  • the payment of the application fee: 25 euros. Payment will be made online by PayPal.

* Image Files - Make sure to adhere to the information regarding the name and format of the image files: the name of each file should appear as LastName_FirstName_Numbering (for example: Smith_John_01), this file in JPG format will ideally be 3000 pixels wide (or high) in good or excellent quality (compression quality greater than 8 on an index of 1 to 12), if applicable, the image legends should be indicated in the IPTC fields (metadata).

Section 4 - Selection criteria
Among the received files, the editorial staff of selects twelve portfolios by session, which will be presented to a Jury compound of five members of the profession and representative of proposed photographic fields.

In the case where a photographer is selected in two distinct photographic fields, the organization reserves itself the right to select an additional portfolio in one of the two fields for which its work is presented so that its double selection is not penalising for the number of photographers presented to the jury. The organisers of the stock exchange of the talent can decide to present a portfolio to a session different from the initial registration.

The successful applicants are informed and informed about deadlines to be respected to send to the editorial staff of a complete file, necessary for the deliberation of the Jury (portfolio of prints on paper, presentation note, Resume and Portrait). The expenses of return portfolios are not taken care of by the organization of la Bourse du talent, plan if need be an envelope for the return of the file.

These prints will be examined by the Jury which will indicate a prize-winner by session. The Jury can also award a special distinction to another photographer.

The artistic direction of La Bourse du talent can attribute another distinction to noticed portfolios.

Section 5 - Composition of the Jury
Every Jury, compound of professionals and experts of the universe of the photography (journalists, gallery owners, photographers, curators of exhibition, editors) is sovereign.

Traditionally, at the end of deliberations, candidates are invited to meet the members of the jury.

Section 6 - Announcement of the award-winners
At the end of the deliberations of the Jury, the prize-winning photographers will be directly informed and the announcement will made on the website of La Bourse du talent and the social networks.

Section 7 - La Bourse du talent : Purpose and Contribution
La Bourse du talent aims at accompanying the prize-winners in the development of their career. The main endowment of tLa Bourse du talent is the realisation of an exhibition and the promotion of the work of the photographers.

It includes:

  • The production of an exhibition presented during several months at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, then at the Maison de la Photographie in Lille. The prints of exhibition are offered to the photographers at the end of the exhibitions.
  • With the cooperation of PICTO Foundation, photo laboratories PICTO, produces the exhibition of the prize-winners, provides the set up of the exhibition and its dismantling, and take care of the buffet during the opening night of the exhibition in the National Library. 
  • La BnF offers the scenography and the graphics of the picture rail of the allée Julien Cain on the site François Mitterrand, the access to the exhibition being free for the visitors. The institution offers a prestigious place where the big names of photography are regularly exposed and which benefits from an exceptional visibility.
  • Pixtrakk offers a one-year subscription to their services of protection of the moral and patrimonial rights of the photographers.
  • The possibility of entering the common and universal heritage and the history of photography as a significant set of prints of the awarded photographers is produced and offered by PICTO, to integrate the collections of the department of Prints and Photography of the BnF, in conformance with the registration of copyright  (Cf. Articles L131-1 to L133-1 and R131-1 to R133-1 of the Code of the Heritage,  Completed by orders of 1995, on 1996 and 2006.).  The choice of the editions - between 30 and 40 -  Which will enter the collection is made at the discretion of the persons in charge of the collection of the department of prints and photography of La BnF, among all photographers. These prints entered by means of the registration of copyright in a national public institution of world reference are inalienable and imprescriptible
  • The promotion of the work of the photographers thanks to an important media coverage favoring professionals' meeting within the sector. 
    The support and the advice of to photographers in their searches and steps, this service offered on request by for all the prize-winners. 
  • A page dedicated to the portfolio of the photographer on the websites of and La Bourse du talent. 
  • Credit note is offered by PICTO to the photographers selected to be presented to Juries for the realisation of photographic works, this one gives them the possibility of meeting with the experts of the laboratory.

* Ten copies are offered to the Laureates and three copies are offered to photographers distinguished by the Special Mentions.

Section 8 - Exhibition of the works
The Prints will be exposed within the framework of the exhibition of the young photographers of la Bourse du talent at the BnF from December, 2019 till March 2020. They will then be exposed at the House of Photography in Lille in spring, 2020. The organisation reserves the right to expose them for a duration of eighteen months, in other places if new partnerships emerged before 2020, in order to give more visibility to the works proposed by the prize-winners and special mentions.

Section 9 - Exposure of the works
La Bourse du talent has for an objective to spread widely the images of the photographers with its partners, but also in the press to increase the outreach of their work.

Within the framework of its mission of support and springboard towards the professionalisation, a lump sum will be paid to every award-winning photographer in conformance with the rights of exhibition.

La Bourse du talent and its partners can use the images stemming from series distinguished within the framework of their communication dedicated to La Bourse du talent.

Section 10 - Responsibilities
In case of necessity or of force majeure, for reasons always going in the interest of La Bourse du talent, its applicants and the public, the organisers reserve the right to modify the present regulation, to postpone or to cancel La Bourse du talent. Its responsibility could not be committed because of these modifications.

Section 11 - Obligations
The participation to La Bourse du talent implies the acceptance of the present regulation by the participants. Its non respect could lead to the cancellation of the application.

Any contesting relative to the interpretation and with care of the present regulation will be studied by the organisers, sovereigns in their decision, in the spirit which prevailed in the conception of La Bourse du talent.