Le festival ON/OFF d'Arles, qui se tient chaque année en juillet, est une célébration dynamique de la photographie contemporaine. Pour sa première édition, le festival a établi un partenariat passionnant avec la Bourse du Talent, renforçant ainsi son engagement dans la découverte et la promotion de nouveaux talents photographiques.

ON/OFF is distinguished by its innovative and daring approach. It provides a unique platform for emerging photographers to present their work in group exhibitions, installations and screenings. The festival encourages a diversity of photographic forms and expressions, fostering a creative and stimulating dialogue.

The collaboration with the Bourse du Talent is an important step for ON/OFF. By partnering with this prestigious institution, the festival offers the winners of the Bourse du Talent an additional opportunity to exhibit their work and benefit from increased visibility. It also strengthens the reach and influence of the Bourse du Talent by creating a synergy between these two major events of the photographic scene.

The first edition of this collaboration promises to present captivating and innovative works. The selected photographers will have the opportunity to share their unique visions and provoke reflections on current topics and contemporary concerns. The ON/OFF festival and the Bourse du Talent are united in their desire to support emerging talent and to encourage exchanges between artists, photography professionals and the public.

The ON/OFF festival in Arles is a must-attend event for all art and photography lovers. It offers an immersive and inspiring experience of visual exploration and artistic discovery. The collaboration with the Bourse du Talent further enriches this experience by presenting the best of emerging photography, propelling these young artists towards professional and artistic recognition.

The partnership between the ON/OFF festival and the Bourse du Talent in Arles promises to bring a new dimension to the contemporary photography scene. It is a unique opportunity for emerging photographers to make their voices heard and to share their visual stories with a wider audience. This dynamic partnership reinforces Arles' position as a must-see destination for art and photography lovers, while contributing to the development and recognition of tomorrow's talent.