Charles Xélot's Breaking Line explores the social and environmental changes of the Yamal Peninsula in the Russian Arctic. The photographer is interested in the notion of limit and frontier, drawing parallels between domains that are usually distinct.
The tundra landscape, once roamed by herds of reindeer and their herders, the Nenets, is now filled with pipelines and flares.
Tankers and icebreakers sail along the coast, lighting up the night and shipping extracted gas around the world. The industry of the Anthropocene continues a contemporary history of geo-political and economic issues, technical and human challenges.

The jury #landscape

The session of July 3, 2019 brought together at the Réattu Museum in Arles, the following jury : Valérie Cazin (Binôme gallery, Paris) • Diana Lui (photographer) • Claude Médale (photographer) • Marc Pussemier (bookstore La Comète, Paris) • Cristianne Rodrigues (curator) & Daniel Rouvier (chief curator and director of the Réattu Museum).

Anima Matter | Emilie Moysson

Le procédé est différent, on dirait des ferrotypes* non?
Ce ne sont pas des ferrotypes, il y a une lumière venant du dessous
Ah oui la surface n'est pas noire, en effet la lumière traverse la matière
La nuit tombe, viens, là-bas le soleil est de l'autre côté.
Qu'est-ce que c'est là dans les arbres?
On entre?