Bourse du talent – Rules 2023

Participation in the Talent Exchange implies acceptance of the present rules by the participants. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the cancellation of your application, so please read them carefully before agreeing to take part.

You will find information on the selection criteria, the composition of the juries and the benefits of the Bourse du Talent.

All applicants must complete the application form available at this link: Participation in the Bourse du Talent.

At the same time, they must send their application file as indicated below:

Article 1 - Organization and terms and the PICTO laboratories (represented by the Picto Foundation) have been organizing the Bourse du talent since 1998, with the support of their partners - the BnF, the SAIF, Lumières Ilford, Pixtrakk, the Musée Réattu (City of Arles), MPB, the Fondation Louis Roederer, the Club des Mécènes and Paris Virtuels.

Article 2 - Conditions of participation
The Bourses du Talent focuses on new documentary approaches used by young photographers to tell the story of our world, taking into account the changing forms and constraints of image mediation.
Each year, two or three Bourses du Talent are awarded to photographers whose projects revolve around new documentary strategies, be they a flirtation with the visual arts, science, literature or any other cross-disciplinary approach to storytelling, or the use of new technologies to support narrative expression. The Bourse du Talent is open to photographers of all nationalities, open to all subjects and expressions, and encourages eco-responsible and committed approaches.
Eligible applicants:
- Photographers with little published work and no age limit.
- Photographer duos
A photographer may submit several portfolios on different photographic subjects to the Bourse du Talent.
Entrants to the prize must hold image rights and have the authorization of the persons identifiable in the photographs. The photographer guarantees the organizers :
- To be the exclusive owner of the rights pertaining to the photographs
- Be responsible for obtaining all necessary image rights authorizations from the persons photographed.

Article 3 - Entry form
Once you have completed the form available on this link: Participation in the Bourse du Talent, we invite you to send your application by e-mail with a wetransfer download link to the following e-mail address:
Applications are open until midnight Paris time on Monday June 26.
This file, sent by e-mail with a we transfer link, consists of the following elements:
- A photographic work in the form of a coherent series of images, from 12 to 36 images approximately*, and/or a Short Multimedia Work (SMW) of short duration (from 3 to 10 minutes maximum) accompanied by a selection of the most representative photographs from the series,
- An introductory note on the chosen subject (ideally 2000 characters), - A biography (ideally 800 characters),
- A recent CV including your contact details and exhibitions and/or publications,
- Your photographic portrait (JPG file): photo booth, studio portrait or self-portrait, specifying photo credit where applicable.

* Image files - Be sure to comply with the instructions concerning the name and format of image files: the name of each file must be in the following format: Lastname_Firstname_Number (e.g.: Smith_John_01), this JPG format file should ideally be 3000 pixels wide (or high) in good or excellent quality (compression quality greater than 8 on an index of 1 to 12), if applicable, image captions should be indicated in the IPTC (metadata) fields.

Article 4 - Selection & Jury
From the submissions received, a pre-jury will select twelve finalists, who will be presented to a jury of five international experts in the profession (journalists, gallery owners, photographers, curators, editors, etc.). The jury will be held in Arles during the opening week of the Rencontres de la Photographie. The 2 or 3 winners will be announced the week of July 10, 2023. Successful candidates will be informed of the deadlines for sending the organizers any additional documentation required for presentation to the jury.

Article 5 - Exhibition of works
Photographs will be exhibited as part of the "La Photographie à tout Prix" exhibition at the BnF, traditionally held between December and March following the jury. They will then be exhibited at the Maison de la Photographie in Lille. The organization reserves the right to exhibit them for a period of eighteen months, in other venues, in order to give greater visibility to the work submitted by the winners of the Bourse du talent.

Article 6 - Diffusion of works
The aim of the Bourse du Talent is to widely diffuse the images of the winning photographers among its partners, as well as in the press. As part of its support mission, a lump sum will be paid to each winning photographer for representation and reproduction rights. The Bourse du Talent and its partners will be entitled to use the images from the winning series in their communication about the Bourse du Talent (press, website, invitations, flyers and social networks), for a period of 18 months.

Article 7 - Responsibilities
In case of necessity or force majeure, for reasons always in the interest of the Bourse du Talent and its participants, the organizers of the Bourse du Talent reserve the right to modify the present rules, to postpone or to cancel the Bourse du Talent. The organizers shall not be held liable for any such changes.

Article 8 - Obligations
Participation in the Bourse du Talent implies acceptance of the present rules by the participants. Failure to comply may result in the cancellation of the application. Any dispute relating to the interpretation and application of these rules will be examined by the organizers.