The Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) plays an essential role in promoting photography through its partnership with the Bourse du Talent. As a guardian of cultural heritage, the BnF recognizes the value of photography as an art form and a means of expression.

The Bourse du Talent provides a platform for emerging photographers to showcase their work. By exhibiting the photographs of the winners, BnF highlights new trends, innovative perspectives and emerging voices in contemporary photography. This exhibition, produced in collaboration with the PICTO laboratories, allows the public to discover these new forms of photographic creation and to appreciate the diversity of emerging talents.

In addition to showcasing award-winning photographers, BnF plays a crucial role in the preservation and conservation of photographic heritage. It enriches its collections by acquiring the works of the winners of the Bourse du Talent, thus ensuring their longevity and accessibility for future generations. This initiative demonstrates BnF's commitment to photography as an artistic expression and as an archive of our visual history.

The collaboration between BnF and the Bourse du Talent is not limited to simply exhibiting the winning photographs. It also promotes research, study and diffusion of knowledge related to photography. As an internationally renowned institution, BnF organizes conferences, symposia and special events, bringing together experts, professionals and photography enthusiasts to exchange ideas and share their expertise.

Over the years, BnF has established a close relationship with the Bourse du Talent, contributing to the development of contemporary photography. By combining its expertise in heritage conservation and valorization with the innovation and creativity of young photographers, BnF plays a major role in the development and recognition of this visual art.