Gabriel Dia

Gabriel Dia was born in December 1985 in Rufisque, Senegal. An engineer by training, after seven years in the civil engineering profession, he decided in 2017 to study photography at the Parisian school EFET.
Through Gabriel's photos, we become attached to this little Blue Balloon who takes us - sometimes with other colours - to discover his universe. Like "Alice in Wonderland", this first series shows a new path. A world in which tenderness and love sublimate all forms of non-stereotypical beauty with respect. A born mediator, Gabriel proposes to look differently at what surrounds us with simplicity.
To know Gabriel is to adopt a little Blue Balloon that we carry in our heart, which colours the meeting and makes the daily life softer, lighter and more joyful. His blue eyes, to be shared in a contagious joyfulness, reveal only a part of the artist. His humanism, his mischief, his audacity, his cheerfulness, his generosity... Gabriel goes to the end of his ideas, even if it means defying the norm, as long as the taste for the other always prevails.
With his lens, Gabriel wants to take our gaze towards new landscapes, new encounters and, -borrowing from mysterious winds and warm currents- invites us to rise like kites that would cross one of his balloons, filled with love of the Other.